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    Pipe Laying Lasers

    We sell, hire, and repair all brands of Laser Levels and Pipe Laying Lasers. We can pick up your laser free of charge and service it the next day! We have a huge variety of Pipe lasers levels including Topcon Tpl3,4 and 5 Green and Red Beams, Spectra DG 711,Spectra DG 511 and Leica Pipe Lasers and many more famous brands!
    We maintain our known expertise in Laser Servicing, Hire, Sales and repairs for all types of Pipe Lasers. Each Laser repair and service comes with a certificate of assurance at no cost to you at all, thereby providing you with the highest of possible quality control standards and peace of mind.
    We also come to you directly on site to collect any Laser, Pipe lasers etc.. that requires servicing and calibration and have it returned to you within two working days.
    We have been around for 15 years and have over 25 years' experience in laser levels.

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    Laserlight Australia Pty Ltd. are proud to announce that we are the Australian distributors for the NEW

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    Nivcomp Digital Liquid Level Display

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    find the right product for the job.

     Contact us on: (03) 9455 0622

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